enerix Alb-Bodensee - Arbeiten in der Photovoltaikbranche

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Business Culture
enerix Alb-Bodensee - Arbeiten in der Photovoltaikbranche...
... has a good image.
There is a positive working atmosphere.
All corporate communications are at eye level.
There is a good team spirit among colleagues.
Personal initiative and responsibility are important in our company and are encouraged.
... offers a good work-life balance.
... offers equal opportunities.
... is characterized by very good behavior on the part of superiors.
... stands for good environmental and social awareness.
Tasks & Responsibilities
I have interesting and varied tasks.
I have good equipment and work resources (e.g. tools).
The workload is appropriate and leads to good productivity.
I have many development opportunities.
I am very satisfied with my superiors.
enerix Alb-Bodensee - Arbeiten in der Photovoltaikbranche...
... creates a framework for creative input.
... encourages me to contribute my own ideas and suggestions for improvement..
... takes my ideas and suggestions into account.
... welcomes new ideas and implements them.
Career & Salary
I am happy with my salary and the benefits.
Good career development opportunities are being offered.
I like committing myself to our company.
Overall Satisfaction
I enjoy coming to work.
My work is valued and I receive trust.
I would apply for a job in our company again.
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