3 steps to an Employer Profile
Step 1: Log in
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Kristian Kroth, Owner of Physio Family
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At this point you will find a video from YouTube. You can view the video with one click.
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Step 2: Create your own Employer Profile
Click on your profile avatar in the top navigation and select "My Employer Profile" from the drop-down menu. Click on "create profile" on the Employer Profile creation page to create your profile. You will then be redirected automatically.
Step 3: Switch between your Employer Profile and Expert Profile
Use the navigation above to switch between your Employer and Expert Profiles. Simply click on your profile picture and select the desired profile type.
How to keep track of which profile you are in
You can tell that you are currently logged in to your Employer Profile by the golden banner below the top navigation bar.

This also offers you a shortcut to your Expert Profile.
Fancy a preview?
Take a look at our
ProvenEmployer sample profile:
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You can also find more information on our FAQ pages.
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